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We are  a full-service wedding planning and creative design firm based in Maine. First and foremost, we are a team who works together to deliver your event in your vision with energy, enthusiasm and joy! Our weddings and events have been featured in The Knot, Real Maine Weddings, WellWed, and Rustic Weddings.

Enjoy getting to know us here - though picking up the phone and giving us a call is the very best way to learn what we are all about! 

Lani Toscano

Principal, Creative Director, Lead Floral Designer  

As a young girl at summer camp in Hope, Maine, I developed a life long love of Maine—particularly its rugged, elegant, surprising, comfortable and genuine nature—traits that are central to my firm’s guiding principles. One of the best compliments we hear is that we are real - real people with a real passion for guiding you through the event planning process.

I live on the coast of Maine with my husband, Wolfe Tone, our twin teenagers and our two eager and friendly labs. Life is busy and when we get a moment we enjoy time in our kayaks, hiking in the mountains and biking on the islands. Winters are spent skiing at Sugarloaf and staying warm!

My favorite part of a wedding is the cheer heard at the declaration of marriage!
Plain pizza is best with extra grease.
If I had to choose Ocean or Mountains - the Ocean would win every time.
Best wedding song - my first dance song: It had to be you…
Most memorable childhood game is Sardines - super cozy!

Surprising tid-bit: I worked for Outward Bound leading month long canoe trips in Florida - let’s talk poisonous snakes - aaaah!

Lesser known fact, I was a synchro swimming participant and later coach for several summers at summer camp.

photo by emilie inc.

photo by emilie inc.

Dorothy Holt

Lead Event Planner 

Dorothy is the most organized person I know! Before I have started to make a list - she has made it, organized it, and is making a plan for what ever is on that list.  You need your i's dotted and t's crossed... Dorothy has it done.  Quick to laugh - she loves working with people, for people, and around people. An expert at fun - she is ready to go at a moments notice. 

When not ushering our clients through the logistics of their wedding, Dorothy is the Yarmouth Maine girl's varsity lacrosse coach. Like her approach to weddings, Dorothy sees the whole field in one glance, can make quick decisions, and empowers those around her to bring any project to a win. When not planning weddings or coaching Five Time State Champion lacrosse teams, Dorothy can be found out on the ocean here in Maine, along the New England coast, or in the mountains with her three children, husband Dan, and yellow lab, Clipper.


Dorothy's favorite parts of the wedding day are when the venue is finished - she is always shocked by what it can be transformed into - and when the couple/parents see it for the first time.

"How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor is her thumbs up for best wedding song ever.

Lobster will win out over steak any time, any season, and any way.

Sunrise is Dorothy's favorite time of day - one the benefits of living on the coast of Maine.

Dorothy was given the middle name Fulton because it was her grandmothers, great grandmothers, and a distance namesake of Robert Fulton who invented the Steamboat. Coincidentally he died on her birthday in 1815.


Surprising Tidbit: Dorothy is a twin, and oddly like me she has water ballet talent! Together she and her sister performed water ballet at the end of the season variety show for her high school swim team. To this day when she trains for the swimming part of tri-athalons out in Casco Bay, she can be found doing a dolphin dive and coming up smiling!

Jill Thomas

Floral Designer  and Assistant Event Planner

Our floral artist! Jill brings so much talent, patience and attention to detail to our team. Jill loves flowers - all flowers though she has a particular affinity for dahlias. Jill often arrives early to our events, beginning the installation before we all arrive, she has said it brings her peace to work in the quiet, with beauty of the flowers. Jill’s floral knowledge comes from her time in a local floral shop and cultivating her own gardens at her home on the coast.


Jill can also be found working on logistics with clients and helping to make sure all the details are sorted through.

Jill’s favorite part of a wedding is watching the couple walk down the aisle.
Pizza is best topped with mashed potatoes and bacon - from Ottos - of course!
A fan of both the mountains and ocean - because in Maine they meet and go together.
Lobster and Steak - She is surf and turf all the way, don’t make her choose.
Best wedding song - I Won’t Give Up
Surprising tidbit: Jill is a coach of a state champion lacrosse team- supporting her team to numerous state finals. When they win, the police and fire squads give them a lights on siren blaring escort from the town-line back to their school - I bet this never gets old!

photo by emilie inc.

photo by emilie inc.

Toby Ingalls

Day of Event Specialist 

Toby is calm, cool, and above all compassionate. He sees things that need doing sometimes before the thing itself knows… You can often find him helping a grandmother or aged uncle navigate their way - he works his charms on the band and is ever aware as he watches the periphery and makes the magic happen. Toby has been in the industry for over 20 years - not much deters him or is a surprise. His humor is a constant that I personally rely on!

Toby’s favorite part of a wedding is the ceremony - seeing the couple surrounded by the ones who adore them.
When asked to choose between lobster and steak - lobster it is, drowning in butter.
Most memorable childhood game is hide and seek.
Toby loves the morning before 6am - as no one else is awake.
Best wedding song for Toby - Aerosmith "Chip Away the Stone."
Surprising tid- bit - Toby was the guitarist for Lou Miami and The Kozmetixs and made his MTV debut in 1985 - With good google skills you can still find them!

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